Pallet Racking Accessories – What they are and how they work

Fork Clearance Bars

When a load needs to be placed on racking that are not on a pallet, fork clearance bars are the best option to store them. They allow extra height between the beams and the load meaning that the forks of the forklift can get in between and are able to lift and place the load easily and safely. You would use two clearance bars per load as it would need to lay flat across them. A prime example of where they would be most beneficial is when storing sheets of materials such as wood.

Pallet Support Bars

They can be fixed between beams in order to provide more support to the loads that are stored or in order to support smaller pallets that are smaller than the length between beams. They would mainly be used when storing very heavy loads however can also be very productive in storing damaged pallets.

Barrel Chocks

When storing barrels on racking it is important for them to be stable and not roll, therefore barrel chocks are the safest option of stopping movement. They can sit on either the front beam or both the front and rear beam and they allow a wedge for the barrel to rest on, stopping movement.

Skid Channels

When storing a load that has feet, for example a wire container, skid channels can provide an advantage. This is due to the channels being able to hold the feet as the load is lifted into the channels and driven forward securely onto the racking. If the feet of the load are not stored securely through the use of the skid channels then it could cause danger as it may not be stored safely. If the legs of the load were to be stored in a certain way on racking it could cause damage or a collapse, through the use of skid channels this wouldn’t occur as they wouldn’t be directly rested on the beams.

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