The Benefits of Decking for your Racking System

There are different types of decking in the form of mesh or timber which are very effective for supporting pallets on racking. It stops the potential of a load that is resting on beams falling through the centre and adds support to the whole system. As well as this it can also act as a shelf for non-palletised loads depending on the distance of the gaps in the decking.

Applying decking to pallet racking beams creates a safer working environment; it allows damaged pallets that goods are stored on to be stored safely without potential of it falling from the racking or being damaged further.

Open Boarded Timber Decking

Open Boarded DecksThis allows you to store different types of sizes of pallets on your racking as well as non-palletised loads. Gaps are designed in the timber in order to allow the forklift operator at ground level a view through the gap when positioning pallets onto higher levels of the racking, this enables a safer operation.

Close Boarded Timber Decking

close boarded deck

Constructed in a very similar way to open boarded timber decking however they do not have gaps between. This allows for smaller loads and items to be stored on the racking with it effectively acting as shelving. Pallets are still easily stored on the decking and it stops the potential of something falling between beams.  If handled correctly both open boarded and close boarded timber decking can be very long lasting and durable and if a panel is damaged it can be manufactured and replaced quickly.

Mesh Decking

MeshMesh Decking is seen as an alternative to timber decking, with similar attributes. Although it is a light material it is still able to withstand heavy duty pallets and able to distribute the full weight of pallets across the beams. Similar to timber decking, smaller pallets or items that do not stretch the length of the beams can be stored. The gaps in the mesh help create a dust free environment as well as benefiting the operator with enhanced visibility.

A unique advantage of mesh decking is that it reduces risk of a fire spreading as water from sprinkler systems can fall through the gaps.

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